Best Brush Cutter Blades: 2020 Review Professional Picks

Tallgrass and weed makes our beautiful homes very unattractive. Therefore we need a handful of knowledge and information regarding Best Brush Cutter Blade for Small Trees, Thick Grass, Brambles and Weed Eater to cut grown up tall grass and weed to make our homes as well as our gardens nice. There are so many blades available in the market. But due to the paucity information customers don’t know exactly which blade should be purchased for their need.

Are you confused about buying between the brush cutter and string trimmer?

It is observed that there are many customers who are confused in buying between the brush cutter and string trimmer. Though both are used to cut the grass but they have their own specifications and one cannot be used for all purposes. It is therefore very important that the consumers must know the power units used in the trimmers. Click here to learn about the best photography backpacks

Brush cutter blade feature image

There are specifically three types of power units. Primarily there is a gas engine that consists of two or four-stroke, is used on the more powerful units. Secondly, electric motors which are connected to the main power of the machine connected by the power cord. Thirdly wireless electric motors run on the rechargeable batteries.

Cutting heads include buzz saw blades (chisel tooth or scratcher’s tooth), brush knives, grass blades, etc. Most brush cutters also allow other heads to be fitted, including bump feed and glued line heads like those used on line trimmers or modified saw blades like a beaver blade which resembles a chainsaw. Deflectors are attached on the cutting side of the machine to stop injury to the operator from debris thrown by the cutting head.

Our Top 7 Brush Cutter Blades

Forester Chainsaw Tooth Brush Blade

Best Chainsaw Brush Blade

This is indeed a very strong blade. The blade has the ability to cut through any kind of wood. You can use it for hours and it never dulls until and unless it hits something very solid. This blade is taken as the best brush cutter blade in the market till yet. The blade can cut small branches of six inches and it can also go deep as much as 3 inches if it hits a large log which is a positive point. The blade can also be sharpened if the cutting slows down.

It must be noted while using it that the blade can be very dangerous to the user. The handles of the trimmer must be gripped with a stronghold. The user of this blade must keep this in mind that it should contact those branches which are in the direction which push the trimmer away from you. On the contrary, if it pulls inside the trimmer it will grab violently. This is one of the negative points while using this blade. To overcome this problem one an extra “T” handle is advisable as one hand is on the throttle and the other would be on the secondary handle.

  • Has the ability to work for hours
  • Cuts up to six inch branch
  • It easily cuts small trees and bushes
  • Blade installation is easy
  • Cannot survive solid strikes
  • An extra T type handle is required for strong hold

Carbide Brush Cutter RENEGADE BLADE

Carbide blade for weed cutter

This is again a hard blade in carbide family. It can cut 2 inches to 3 inches wood very easily. More specifically the maximum efficiency can be achieved if you do not cross 2-inch thickness. The blade has a sustainable capacity of two hours without making any problem. It can work a little bit more which is a positive point if you do not abuse it. The teeth even do not break if it doesn’t touch the hard surface (metal or rock) like saw chain trimmer. The only problem with the cutting blade is that the angle you use for cutting.

This is the best cutter blade available in the market. If the angle is directly into the falling position it will work great but if doesn’t it can be pinched into the wood just like a chain saw blade. The noticeable statement about the cutter is that those who have family farms with wood trails have used it like a “hot knife through the butter”. This is one of the best cutting brushes available in the market that has both features i.e. its performance vs its price. On a very few occasions, it is also noticed that after a couple of 2 hours sessions 50 out of 80 carbide teeth were broke. It happens only when the welding is substandard.

  • Comes as a bundle.
  • Estimated to last 10 times longer than plain steel
  • Universal fit feature
  • More durable due to the carbide
  • Ideal for numerous cutting tasks
  • Easily get damaged because the tips are made out of carbide

80T Carbide Tip Brush Cutter Trimmer

strong Steel Brush Cutter Trimmer

This is one of the very sharp blades available in the market. The interesting thing is this that it fits into any garden trimmer, brush cutter, or weed eater that takes 1 inch or 20 mm arbor hole. It can be used for any kind of machine with maximum RPM`s even it can be used for 10000 RPM`s or more than that and this is the benefit over trimmers belonging to the same family. The carbide tips are brazed welded and will not come off. Carbide is categorized among the strongest and hardest alloys. The carbide tips of this cutting blade are made of titanium or tungsten alloy. That is the only reason it can last 10 times longer than the cutters made up of plain steel. The blade has more teeth due to which it creates more aggregate cutting. The only cautious matter to deal with this blade is to keep the direction and physics of cutting method accurate. If it doesn’t make any sense it can cause sewer injury by jerking or bouncing back.

  • With a total of 80 teeth, the blade is capable of cutting down rough bushes and trees with ease.
  • The price of this blade is inexpensive and highly affordable to all users.
  • Some customers have criticized the blade stating that it dulls quickly.
  • The blade’s diameter is too small and doesn’t fit most weed eaters.
  • These blades are limited to high performance trimmers with sufficient horsepower enough to operate the blades.

Renegade Blade Renegade Razor/Hybrid

Brush Cutter Trimmer

This blade is again made of carbide and for these blades tungsten is not just enough, more additives like Hafnium, Tantalum, Titanium, Molybdenum, Silicone, Zirconium, Boron, Niobium, Chromium, & Vanadium, make carbide mix better due to which their teeth stay long. It can be used for any kind of machine with maximum RPM`s even it can be used for 10000 RPM`s or more than that and this is the benefit over trimmers belonging to the same family. This is the best cutting blade available in the market for blackberries. Due to their strong strength, they can be used under one 10 hour session and still found sharp. These blades can also be resharpened but the cost of resharpening is much more than the new ones. Unlike other blades, if they hit solid surfaces like metal and rock by mistake the teeth can hold their strength. Cutting through long grown up grass is not a matter for these blades but serious caution is required for cutting through thick tree branches.

  • Wide compatibility.
  • Made out of durable carbide steel.
  • There are up to five-blade types.
  • Universal Fit.
  • It is unlikely to fit string trimmers.
  • The teeth are broken down quickly.

ATIE 12″ x 3 Teeth Heave Duty Steel Brush Cutter, Trimmer

Razor Hybrid blade

This heavy duty steel brush is designed and used for cutting heavy underbrush and thick long grown up grass. The only thing to remember about these blades is that they should not be used on electric string trimmers. These cutter blades are designed to use on gas powered straight shaft trimmers. One more thing that the blades are designed for the powerful machines so let the blades get its full swing otherwise a sewer bounce back will hit you. To avoid this mishap, please use proper safety tools. The ultimate advantage of using this blade is that it is double-sided. This is the best cutting brush available in the market for brambles. If one side of the blade is dull or blunt, it can be used on the other side. This one of the best brush for the brambles and the strength of the blade will tell its own story when it hits even to concrete, metal or poles, etc. There is absolutely no damage to its edges.

  • The cutter is functional and has an efficient design.
  • Due to its thickness and design, it is bending resistant.
  • Cuts through sticks, branches, and thick weeds or grasses.
  • It is not made out of carbide, which makes it a little bit more expensive.
  • The blade itself is heavy, because of its diameter.

WW Brush Cutter

WW Brush Cutter

This brush cutter is again a solid one. It has the ability to cut through a 1-inch diameter easily. This is best brush cutter blade for thick grass. One of the positive things regarding this cutter is that it is very easy to install. Unlike carbide blades, it can also survive through the up and down ground. It also bears solid and metal strokes whenever it hits them. The blade can easily cut through one inch live branches. The biggest advantage is its price. It’s cheap and works great. Though it cannot cover larger areas but can work for hours. This is the best cutting brush available in the market to cut thick grass. The blade is not as sharp as carbide blades so the brushing look on grass and weed is not neat. If the blades are brand new they can also cut through 2.5 inches branches. The blades are not made of metal completely. Therefore you need some precautions while cutting. You can also feel some kickbacks.

  • Installation is simple
  • Pretty inexpensive
  • Survives solid strikes
  • Cuts are not clean

Razor Max JM777 Brush Cutter Blade

Razor Max Brush cutter Blade

This cutter blade is specifically designed to cut through small trees. It can also be used through heavy thick weed and grass. It has the ability to work for long hours. But the special chain saw tooth which are affixed on the round blade need sharpening after every couple of hours. But during that period it can cut smooth and the look will be beaten. This is essentially a chain saw rotation so it needs a reasonable caution during the cutting. It is the best cutting brush for small trees. Unlike similar blades, you need a fighting spirit while cutting through heavy weed but no physical tiredness is felt while using this blade. It doesn’t body energy but it also saves time and effort which makes work more effective and efficient. It must be noted that this blade is designed with a spinning speed of approximately 1000 RMP.

  • Its unique design is helping you to cut thick weed and even small trees.
  • clean and precise cuts.
  • quite stable and easy to manipulate.
  • It does not have a universal fit.
  • Tips get dulled.
  • Not a carbide blade.
  • Occasional sharpens is required for clean cuts.

Final Tips

In the end, it is also mandatory to guide the consumers of these machines regarding safety. Small kids at their learning age especially teenage children try to use these machines in the absence of their parents or elders. While doing so they can cause serious injuries to themselves. Therefore parents are strictly advised to keep these blades and trimmers out of their children’s range.

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