Best Dual Monitor Setup For Programming 2021

It was great having a dual monitor setup for programming but we strongly believe the only place your head should be looking is straight ahead. Is it less productive? Maybe slightly when switching between code & browser or putting two documents side-by-side.

Three Monitor Setup

Professionals generally use 3. One for a browser (including chat, calendar, and reference materials). The other two are for code, or for SSH sessions with test boxes or VMs and also use virtual workspaces a lot. There are times when a coder needs to spread actual work (code, test target servers, more code) across all three screens. In those cases, he will move all the terminals down one level in the virtual workspaces and leave the browser, chat, etc. behind. Finally, the bottom tier of virtual workspaces is where he keeps things like keepassx and other software that a coder just needs going in the background.

Programming While Traveling

It’s a professional tip When you travel use a USB-powered monitor alongside your laptop. It’s not as nice as a full workstation setup but works well enough for temporary use.

Dual Monitors with Laptop Setup

Don’t care for the dual monitor setup with laptop approach. The vastly different screen size between the laptop and the external monitors is hard on your eyes. many people mostly closed the laptop and plugged it into a dock that drives the three externals. One of them ultrawide split vertically for editor/ide + terminal, the other for the browser to see stuff in action that building + dev tools, and one for everything else – mail, IM, documentation, and other stuff.

Laptop Setup For Programming

Some programmers work everything on a laptop and run most things maximized or near-to-maximized but use hot-keys to quickly switch between applications.

Final Remarks

If you’re programming for a living and squinting at tiny fonts through a letterbox on your laptop, how is that investing in your talents? The 32″ 4K programming monitors are absolutely the best investment I’ve ever made. So go right now and buy yourself the biggest 4K monitor you can afford. No, buy two for a dual monitor setup. And a monitor stand. And a decent chair.

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