Best Monitor Settings for Valorant

As a result, it’s not surprising that Valorant was considered an extremely-competitive, low-TTK, high-skill ceiling game when it was first launched. Valorant is built to perform smoothly on even very basic hardware, and because of this, we often see our streamers and professional players lower the game’s resolution to 1080×1920, even having very powerful rigs.

Monitor Settings for Valorant

Therefore, a higher refresh rate will give you a much more advantage against your opponents, since they will take longer processing in-game information than you will.

So, if this new first-person shooter by Riot Games makes you feel really competitive, we suggest you get the highest refresh rate monitor you can afford. We recommend you play Valorant with the recommended settings described below.

Valorant is best played with these settings:

1920×1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio (144Hz)

Statistically, most PC monitors won’t be capable of display more than 60Hz., but if that is what you want, then a display with 144Hz will fit your needs perfectly. Then, a 144Hz display would be the ideal option for those who have planned to invest in a display with a higher refresh rate.

Our advice is for your resolution to be 1920×1080 at a refresh rate of 144Hz. Some gamers choose to reduce the quality of their resolution in order to enhance their performance, but it’s important to set your refresh rate to match your gaming monitor.

Fullscreen Mode (always)

We are not sure why some people prefer to play in a windowed mode. No matter what your preferences for display are, we feel you should play in fullscreen mode.

However, a windowed fullscreen option is available, but it will have an adverse effect on your frames. You can switch to a windowed fullscreen whenever you choose, but it will come at the cost of performance for us.

Switch off FPS limits

We recommend that you turn off limit FPS in order to maximize the game’s performance. If your system is capable of providing twice as much FPS as your monitor refresh rate, then you should set it that way.

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