what computer monitor is best for competitive gaming 2021

The best monitor size depends on you how far you sit from the screen. The list begins from the 22-inch mark however gaming monitors can go as far as possible up to 49″ ultrawide.  but if you are playing competitive games maxed out and want to see every detail, high resolution (2560×1440)  you must go with 27 inches monitor.

27 Inch Gaming Monitor Best For Competitive Gaming

27 inch is the best size monitor size for competitive gaming. This screen size is very popular in esports. It has a large space to have multiple tabs opened side-by-side best for streamers. Great for shooters, strategy games, best for EVE online as you can still see what’s going on and have lots of windows open. We already picked up the best gaming monitors. 1080p is still in 2021 very popular resolution for this size, and luckily 1080p gaming monitors are affordable.

24 Inch Gaming Monitor Best For Budget Gaming

Most of the gamers still use 24 inches, gaming monitors. These monitors easily run high-end games like GTA 5, PUBG, Fortnite, and DOTA 2. 24-inch monitor consider the small size, and smaller monitors make it harder to discern objects of small size/way in the game background.

32 Inch Gaming Monitor Best For 4K Gaming

This display is great for Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed, and DOOM players. The 32-inch monitor has a bigger size and provides 4K gaming experience. This is not for every gamer but good for multitasking, especially for watching movies and general use and productivity. Bigger monitors make it harder to see what’s going on in the corners/sides of your game.

How to measure screen size?

You can easily measure screen size by using a measuring tape, begin from the left top corner diagonally to the right bottom corner make sure you do not measure the frame or bevel that borders the screen.

What is the Best Monitor Size for Gaming?

The exact answer to this question depends on your need. Everyone has a different choice. If you play competitive, you will go for 27 inches monitor, or your budget is tight, and if you can compromise on the quality so you can pick a 24-inch monitor and if you don’t worry about the money and want quality productivity and detail gaming experience so can buy the 32-inch monitor.

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