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reviewsgen is always looking for tech-related content so if you have any article or blog that is fit for our site then we can help you to publish it. As you have already reached our write for us page so do know some conditions of us to share your article. If anyone wants to post a guest post on our website they must have followed our given guidelines and instruction. If you have any problems and queries related to the article post, feel free to contact us.

We are accepting technology-related topics

We try to provide information about technology and science through our website. Your submitted article should be on these topics(Computers, Gadgets, Laptops, Hardware, Operating Sytems, Gaming, Linux, Microsoft, Google, and more these kind of topics).

Article Guidelines

The article should good quality content and interesting for our visitors. You need to follow our guidelines for submitting an article.

  • The article should be more than 800 words long.
  • Must contain at least one H2 and two H3 subheadings.
  • Provide an internal link to our existing related blogs.
  • We request you not to rewrite and submit an article from another site. It may harm both of our websites.


We provide do-follow and permanent links. You can place the links on any relevant keyword in the blog.

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